Sensiblue can prove it's worth in the following situations:

- Where tap water quality is unreliable;

- If your house is not connected to the main water supply system and you are using rain or groundwater instead;

- If you are using drinking water stored in a tank or reservoir;

- If you use a water storage facility in your boat, caravan or camper van.


In many of the above cases, the safety of the drinking water used simply cannot be guaranteed. In all of those cases, Sensiblue can be a safe and cheap solution to that problem.


At home Sensiblue can guarantee the supply of safe drinking water in places where this might otherwise not be possible. A single domestic appliance will suffice to ensure maximum reliability that the water you use to drink, shower, wash, cook with, etc. is clean enough to do just that


At work Sensiblue can not only be employed to produce safe drinking water, but may also be used in the cleaning and disinfecting of kitchens, medical areas, schools, public areas, or rinsing fruit & vegetables. The Sensiblue might also prove its use in the agricultural sector, e.g. in livestock breeding and dairy farming.


Water and Drinking Water Storage: Sensiblue is especially recommended for fitting in cases where (drinking) water is stored, e.g. in tanks or reservoirs. This might even include your holiday home where drinking water can remain stagnant for longer periods due to lack of regular use. This too is considered water storage. Due to its permanent disinfection of stored water Sensiblue is perfectly suited to these kinds of situations. Once your water has passed through the Sensiblue, it will remain disinfected over a longer period.